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GFA pledges to secure headline sponsor before 2017/18 season kicks off


The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Darra has disclosed that his outfit is working tirelessly to secure a headline sponsor before the 2017/18 season kicks off. 

After Capital Plus pulled out their sponsorship deal for the Premier League, the 2016/17 season was played without a major headline sponsor. 

However, with StarTimes being having the broadcast right of the Premier League, Darra says they will get a major headline sponsor before the next season kicks off. 

"I will make one promise to all. The promise is that we will work very, very hard to get a sponsor.

"However, I cannot make a cast-iron promise that we will definitely get a sponsor for next season.

The former BBC also disclosed when the 2017/18 season will kick off.

"You know that we run a league system which is very different from other countries. We need to speak to all the bodies involved before can talk about a date for the start of the league.

''We have had proposals from several quarters on the date for the start of a new league season but we need to finish our consultation but we are happy to know that some teams have started their pre-season training," he added. 

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