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I was sold into slavery by fellow Ghanaian in Libya – Migrant

About 127 Ghanaian migrants arrived on Wednesday night from Libya

One of the Libyan migrants who arrived home Wednesday night has told Starr News that he was sold by a fellow Ghanaian in the Northern African country.

About one hundred and twenty-seven (127) Ghanaian migrants returned from Libya with one in a critical condition.

The migrants were brought in by two flights, Air Libya and Afrikia Airways after they were rescued from detention centres in Libya following reports of slave trade of migrants in the country.

Speaking to Starr News’ Eric Mawuena Egbeta who monitored at the Kotoka International airport as the flights touch base, the visibly distressed returnee said the experience is so harrowing he would not want to imagine again.

“What I found myself in Libya, I wouldn’t wish for even my worst enemy, we were sold like bread by our own fellow Ghanaians. And it was a very disheartening experience. We went through the desert and some of us disappeared without a trace and others were shot and killed, luckily for some of us, we were able to escape and were arrested and brought to the deportation centre”.

The footage of men being auctioned off as slaves in Libya has been met with outrage and the UN Secretary-General has called on the international community to “unite in fighting this scourge”.

The horrible images show some migrants being sold for $400 while others are tortured to death by individuals in Libyan military wears.

In the grainy mobile footage, unidentified men are offered up as a group of “big strong boys for farm work”.

The film was obtained by CNN journalists, who later witnessed another sale of a dozen men in a courtyard outside the country’s capital, Tripoli.