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UG Parliament House unveils digital platform to promote democracy

The University of Ghana Parliament House

The University of Ghana Parliament House has launched a digital platform to help facilitate its work in deepening democracy both on campus and Ghana at large.

The platform, is created to help enhance the committee’s engagement with the public as well as the school.

The project is set to boost the capacity of the Committee on one hand and citizens on the other hand by increasing and closing feedback lapses.

Former Member of Parliament for La Dadekotopon Constituency, Nii Amasah Namoale, who was the Special Guest and launched the site said the project would help the committee to interact with the citizenry in executing its core mandate.

“I’m very pleased with what I have seen here today and I think with this, the work of the august house will be very easy and transparent and also help the public understand the day to day activities of the house,” he said

Against this backdrop, he used the occasion to urge the University Ghana Parliament Members to take their session very serious for someday they will be the ones to take on the mantle from the current parliament.

“I'm very impressed with your session and I urge you all to take this very seriously; I’m extremely confident and I have no doubt that when we are not around you these young ones can take over from us.”

He further encouraged other universities to also do same.

This, he identified would go along way to deepen democracy and help make it easy for the next generation to be familiar with and understand the Ghana Parliamentary standings.


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