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An overview of As I Grow NGO in 2017

ms Merry

As I Grow, a Larteh based non profit Organization  has been one of the most fast growing hard working Non governmental and nonprofit Organization over the years in the country.

The organization’s priority areas of interventions are: Teenage pregnancy, Girl- child education,Women empowerment and livelihood,Children education and support, Environmental health and support, Poverty reduction in the deprived rural communities and Youth development in the deprived communities.

An overview of As I Grow NGO

Within the year 2017, the (NGO) has embarked on various projects which were all geared towards service to humanity and the rural world.

Our media platform has been one of the followers of their outfit and good works. In 2017 alone, As I Grow embarked on projects such as: supporting Mary Dogbe(from Abena Awia) to undergo an eye tumor surgery at kolebu,Martin Attrams(a five- year old boy of larteh Salvation Army Primary school) who was suffering from hernia and hydrocel  to also undergo medical surgery at children’s Hospital in Accra.

Apart from these achievement chocked by the Organization, it also undertook some other projects which were under education, advocacy work,women empowerment, medical screening and donations in the form of clothing’s, farm tools and other personal items.

The Organization visited communities such as Krutiase, Takase, Yele and Obuobi Akura.

Under the Organisation’s Educational activities, it donated about thousand copies of exercise books and learning materials to children in these deprived communities.

Through that,  the various communities were enlightened on the importance of child education.

Women were educated on how to make money and also ensure proper savings as well.

One of the major projects for year was the campaign  against the menace of teenage pregnancy in the country.

In an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of the Organization, Mr Debrah Bekoe Isaac on how he saw the success of AIG in 2017 , he said”God was really on their side because the Organization has no major sponsors. Their projects were being funded by the Directors (he and the wife),the Executives,Team members and few friends of the organization.

An overview of As I Grow NGO

He used this opportunity to express his profound gratitude to the Advisory board,executives, members of the organization,individual donors,Adenta Church Of Pentecost (Worship Centre),Power Herbal Specialist and all who in one way or the other supported them and also wished them a prosperous 2018.

He went on to admonish all Ghanaians to be selfless in all that they are doing for humanity and support individuals who are in the very deprived communities in the country.

He said” many of the uncommon diseases and issues are prevalent there,especially high rate of teenage pregnancy, poverty, illiteracy and school dropouts “.

He finally called on the government, institutions, and  other nongovernmental organizations to come to their aid in order to do more than they did in 2017.








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