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Berla Mundi, Yvonne Nelson were all my crush - David Oscar

David Oscar and Berla Mundi

Ghanaian Reggae icon who also doubles as comedian David Oscar has added his voice to the recent verbal brawl between Yvonne Nelson and Berla Mundi.

The Reggae star cum comedian took to his Facebook page to express his disappointment over why most Ghanaian female celebrities are either dating someone's hubby or get pregnant to mysterious men.

The “Get There One Day” hitmaker's comment comes after the “Heels and Sneakers” actress Yvonne Nelson descended heavily on TV personality Berla Mundi for discussing her love affairs with her guest on her show.

The comedian's post read “Frankly, my heart was broken when I saw the pregnancy photos of Yvonne Nelson. I really had her in my dreams as someone I would want to date, marry and impregnate one day, but now I guess it's shattered”

“Incidentally, the very Berla I have been making overtures at since I first appeared on her TV/Radio shows last year is the same Mundi who has been accused by my first crush of dating someone's hubby”

“I just don't get it, what is this with some famous girls? Either they get themselves pregnant by mysterious, anonymous men out of wedlock or bounce all over the place with people's husbands” he asked

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