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Clashes in Sankore a fulfillment of ‘evil prophecy’ about Eric Opoku - George Boakye's wife

Eric Opouku L, George Boakye R

After years of clashes between Eric Opoku, Asunafo South MP and George Boakye, former MCE, the wife of the latter has come out to make some scathing revelations about the NDC MP.

Madam Theresa, wife of George Yaw Boakye narrating her version on the recent attacks on Hon Eric Opoku has attributed clashes between her husband and Eric Opoku to the fulfillment of an “evil prophesy” in their family about NDC parliamentarian.

She denied accusation that her husband is behind the recent bloody attacks on Eric Opoku.

“My husband knows nothing about this attack. It could be a reprisal attack from persons he has hurt in the Sankore. He has wrecked so much havoc in the town to the extent that no one speaks well of him,” she said on Okay FM's Morning Show. 

Quizzed on how the rivalry started and how to end it, she maintained that calm can only be restored when Eric Opoku prays to God for forgiveness and peace as he has bloodied his hands with so much “killings”.

“Eric is pure evil. Though he is my cousin, he harbors resentment against me and my husband for no reason. And we don’t know exactly where we went wrong to attract such hate from him. 

“I feel guilty at this point that perhaps it’s because of his hatred for me, that is why he’s venting it on my husband.

“My husband won’t hurt a fly. Considering the rate at which he gets attacked by thugs organised by Mr. Opoku, he has been advised severally by close friends to arm himself, but he has refused to heed to such advice.
“If only we knew how we have wronged him, we could end it, but for now, the only way peace can return to this land is, if he (Eric Opouku) prays for forgiveness from God because he has hurt too many people,” she said.

She suggested that the upheavals in the town could probably be a reprisal attacks from people he has hurt in the past.  

“He has bloodied his hands by getting some relatives killed due to his attacks. His own uncle who raised him has suffered at his hands, through physical brutalities, arrests among other things. We cannot seem to understand exactly what makes him cause so much chaos in his own family house.

“But now, it’s beginning to make sense to us, because an old uncle from our family house said that he (Eric Opoku) will be the bane on the family. So I see all his threats and attacks as a fulfillment of our uncle’s prophesy,” she said.

She added that Eric Opoku has incessantly brutalized relatives and residents alike. Some people have being maimed through his activities so, if he gets attacked every now and then, he should know that, he’s reaping what he sowed. 


Some unidentified thugs assaulted the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for the Asunafo South Constituency, Eric Opoku, in the Brong Ahafo Region on April 1.

The thugs according to the police also vandalized some of his properties and vehicles.

The armed men are also reported to have inflicted machete wounds on three other persons believed to be sympathizers of the NDC.

Eric had suggested that George Yaw Boakye was behind this attack, an accusation the NPP former MP has denied.

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