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    $170m approved loans will help gov’t in solving national issues – George Ayisi

    Member of the communications team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) George Ayisi says the $170 million approved loans will help government focus on solving national issues.

    Even though majority of Ghanaians are not happy with the borrowing habit of the government, Mr. Ayisi believes the government is on the right path.

    “There are times you find yourself in a precarious situation that you may need some little push to stabilize your position and then have proper focus to deal with the situation properly.”

    Bernard Oduro, a member of the NDC opposed Mr. Ayisi’s statement.

    “From the financial economy point of view, it is not wrong to go into debts.”

    Responding to Mr. Oduro, Mr. Ayisi said; “I disagree with him(Bernard Oduro) for claiming I’m defending the government for no good cause even though I’m not surprised at that.”

    “There are certain areas that government will invest in that will generate phenomenal returns,” he added.

    On May 2, 2023, Parliament approved an amount of $710 million loan at an emergency sitting in the absence of about fifteen minority members.

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