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    Dr Duffour’s claims on upcoming NDC primaries dishonest – NDC Deputy General Secretary

    The Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Mustapha Gbande has described as dishonest, claims by presidential aspirant Dr Kwabena Duffour that the party’s voters register for its upcoming elections is faulty.

    Speaking on Top Story, on Tuesday, Mr Gbande said that Dr Duffour’s team have already been furnished with a full voters’ register, and furnished with information on the elections as required.

    He stated that the photo album register – which the party decided to curate to avoid impersonation – is all that is left hence it will be unfair to tag the party’s preparations towards the elections as incomplete.

    “You (Dr Duffour) have been furnished with about 80% of the data (on the photo album register). You have sat in a meeting where you were given answers and assurances that today the technical team will complete the process, taking into consideration your complaints and furnish you with the full document but go behind that to publish half-truths,” Mr Gbande said.

    He added that “the hue and cry of all this, that they don’t have voters register is in itself dishonesty. If you have five or six processes leading to an election you have not complained over all the processes, except one, should we say that the entire processes are fraud and for that matter, the election will not be transparent and credible?”

    This comes after NDC flagbearer hopeful Dr Kwabena Duffuor asked the party to postpone its upcoming presidential and parliamentary primaries scheduled for Saturday, May 13. 

    His call, he said, follows some discrepancies his team has identified in the party’s voters register to be used for the exercise.

    According to him, the voters’ register given to him is incomplete and inaccurate and thus cannot be used for the primaries.

    However, Mr Gbande said that the preparations towards the elections have been nothing but fair and executives have been non-partial to ensure every aspirant is treated fairly.

    “The processes have been very transparent, national execs have been very neutral, and we have allowed technical election committees to meet with all aspirants and deal with their concerns, so to go behind that meeting writing messages to the public,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Dr Kwabena Duffour has filed a suit against the party. 

    He is asking the court to grant an interlocutory injunction to restrain the party and sued persons – General Secretary, Election Director, co-contestants John Mahama and Kojo Bonsu, and the Electoral Commission – from holding the elections scheduled for May 13.

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