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    Work as a technocrat, don’t meddle in local politics – John Jinapor tells World Bank Country rep

    The Minority in Parliament has taken on the World Bank Country Director, Pierre Frank Laporte following his comments about power agreements signed under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

    The World Bank Country Director has criticised the country for doing a poor job in concluding power purchase agreements signed between 2012 and 2023.

    But the Minority Spokesperson on Mines and Energy, John Jinapor says Mr. Laporte is veering off into local politics and must stay away.

    JoyNews/AdomNews · Work as a technocrat, don't meddle in the field of politics – John Jinapor tells Frank Laporte
    “We will finally wish to advise the World Bank Country Director, Mr Laporte to continue to work as a technocrat and not meddle himself in the field of politics. Mr Laporte, you are not a politician and when you are making such unsubstantiated comments, you must bear in mind that it has far-reaching ramifications on this country,” he stated.

    He added that “Ghanaians are sick and tired of these unnecessary and flimsy blame games adopted by government and its high links.”

    According to him, former president John Mahama’s records in the energy sector are unmatched, adding that Mr Mahama before leaving office ensured that there was a comprehensive reboot on the generation of power and the financial sector.

     Mr Jinapor noted that Mr Mahama did no wrong in signing those arrangements and was in the country’s best interest.

    He insists that despite the current government criticising former president Mahama for those contracts, it is still extending the contract duration of some of those contracts.

    JoyNews/AdomNews · Most of the thermal plants had capacity charges before Mahama – John Jinapor
    He went on to say that “even before Mr Mahama, most of the thermal plants had capacity charges” adding that capacity charges are not something new.

    He cited Asogli thermal plant, TICO thermal plant, Send power, CENIT, and TT2PP to be having capacity charges or capital recovery.

    He said the NPP government since assuming office has even signed PPAs that have “take or pay” or capacity charges embedded in them.

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