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    Kojo Bonsu The Strategic Icon For NDC in The 2024 Elections And Beyond: A Visionary Leader With Diverse Expertise

    To say former Kumasi Mayor Kojo Bonsu who was  also a former Board member and Managing Director of GOIL is a strategic icon for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is an understatement.

    The Ex- board chairman of the National Sports Authority (NSA) is a distinguished individual with a multifaceted background, encompassing successful ventures in both public service and the private sector. 

    With an illustrious career marked by leadership roles and strategic contributions, Kojo Bonsu is renowned for his transformative vision, business acumen, and extensive network in both the private and public sector.

    Professional Journey

    Former Mayor of Kumasi:
    Kojo Bonsu served as the Mayor of Kumasi, demonstrating his commitment to urban development and effective municipal governance.

    Upon all odds against him , he put his foot down and ensured that the much talked about Kejetia Market project was build and has become one of the best and well built markets in Africa. He was taken to court 32 times to stop him from building the project but with his ambition to deliver a monumental project and give good score for the NDC was achieved with perseverance.

    Kojo Bonsu made sure the KMA was very vibrant  in his era with so many developments including building of other markets , building of schools , night cleaning of markets and the city daily, not forgetting  the Rattary Park which made  Kumasi an enviable city with a world class amusement park in Ghana.

    Former MD of GOIL:
    As the former Managing Director of GOIL, Kojo Bonsu exhibited strong leadership in the oil and gas sector, contributing to the growth and success of the company. He promised to transform GOIL with his team back then and we can all attest to the feat the re-branding of GOIL has chalked as the best OMC in the country beating all the foreign companies in the petroleum sector.

    Adidas Representative for West Africa:
    Kojo Bonsu's role as the Adidas representative for West Africa showcases his international engagement and influence in the world of sports and fashion.

    Former National Boss Authority Board Chairman:
    Holding the position of the National Sports Authority Board Chairman, Kojo Bonsu demonstrated expertise in overseeing crucial aspects of national infrastructure and development.

    Founder of Agoo Magazine:
    The establishment of Agoo Magazine underscores Kojo Bonsu's commitment to media and communication, providing a platform for informed discourse and cultural expression.

    Brands and Marketing Expert:
    Kojo Bonsu's proficiency in brands and marketing is evidenced by his strategic contributions to various campaigns and initiatives.
    Political Contributions:

    NDC Strategic Marketing Guru:
    As a strategic marketing guru for both Prof Atta Mills and H.E. John Mahama's election campaigns, Kojo Bonsu played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and garnering support for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

    Presidential Candidate Aspirant for NDC:
    Kojo Bonsu's recent aspiration as a Presidential candidate for the NDC underscores his dedication to leadership at the highest level.

    Founder of Unity Walks:
    His founding of Unity Walks in Ghana's politics reflects a commitment to fostering unity and collaboration within the political landscape.

    Potential as Running Mate for NDC:
    Kojo Bonsu emerges as an excellent candidate for the position of running mate for the NDC in the 2024 General Elections. His unique blend of business acumen, extensive networks, and the Asanti factor positions him as a compelling choice. His leadership and strategic vision, coupled with his ability to connect with diverse demographics, make him an asset to support John Mahama's bid for the presidency.

    In summary, Kojo Bonsu's profile reflects a visionary and transformational leader who brings a wealth of experience from various sectors. His potential as a running mate aligns with the NDC's goal of presenting a formidable team to secure victory in the upcoming general elections in 2024.

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