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    Okudzeto Ablakwa outlines reasons why NDC will win 2024 elections

    North Tongu Member of Parliament, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, is optimistic that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will win the 2024 elections.

    He holds the strong view that the people of Ghana need a change from this quagmire they find themselves in.

    Okudzeto believes that the people of Ghana see the NDC as a better alternative to walk them out of the economic mess the current NPP government has plunged the country into.

    While speaking in an interview with TV3, he indicated that even though it is clear that the people of Ghana need a change, the NDC will never be complacent.

    “Absolutely, we have no doubt in our minds at all that we are winning. It is not because we are complacent or think that it is of right. Not at all. We have never seen such a shambolic governance, so clueless, so cruel, such a corrupt government, so wasteful,” he said on TV3.

    On what the NDC has to offer the good people of Ghana, he said, “Our flagbearer has been out there…Look, he has offered so much. I’m beginning to read articles, and the last one was from Manasseh Azure, who says that our flagbearer should slow down on the promises because the economy you are going to inherit is not going to be good and rather assure us that you will just prosecute corrupt officials and retrieve the loot.

    President Mahama has been big on the 24-hour economy because, apart from corruption which is the biggest national crisis of this country, the next issue is youth unemployment. The 2021 population census is reporting that we have a colossal 14% unemployment rate. I know young people, constituents of mine, who have been home for three to four years. It robs them of their dignity. That is why the 24-hour economy, which inherent in that is a three working shift allows for companies that will subscribe under the programme to have incentives, tax rebates, and special tax dispensation to employ more people and the public sector is going to take the lead,” he said.


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