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    Ghanaian Chiefs should avoid political Temptation - Mike Offei

    A retired diplomat, Mr. Michael Yaw Offei, is urging Ghanaian chiefs to steer clear of active partisan politics as the lead-up to Ghana’s elections in December 2024, ensues.

    In an interview with journalists in Tema, Mr. Michael Yaw Offei, who is also an Economist said the call has become necessary because of increasing tendency for chiefs to make political statements, especially in support or against candidates of the two main political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

    “Recently we all heard what the president told some chiefs who had visited him from Ekumfi – that he (the president) had decided to ignore the chiefs there because they had refused to support the ruling party’s candidate,” he pointed out.

    According to him, “as unfortunate as the president’s statement was, it was a very poignant example of what the dabble in politics can do.”

    Mr. Michael Yaw Offei said such meddlesomeness in politics sets chiefs up to have their traditional areas denied developmental projects if the political parties that they campaigned against ends up winning elections.

    “It is because of such things that the framers of our constitution made it a provision that chiefs should not dabble in active partisan politics. In our own collective interest as Ghanaians, we should abide by this constitutional provision.”

    Mr. Michael Yaw Offei has worked with both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. According to him, the neutrality of the chieftaincy institution is very necessary because the strategic reverence that that institution carries positions it as a suitable mediator when there is turmoil and disagreement within the country’s political class.

    “If chieftaincy loses its mediation role, then we as a people will have to live constantly at risk of political turmoil at any time.”
    Meanwhile, the respected senior citizen has added his voice to calls for the 2024 election campaigns to be done by the various political parties with decency.

    He advocated for temperate language and a campaign of issues rather than personality cults and personality attacks.

    “I also urge the Electoral Commission to abandon all hardline posturing and adopt a more conciliatory tone in all of its dealings with the political parties and its communication with the public.” Mr. Michael Yaw Offei said.

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