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    Netizens Drag Afua Asantewaa Over Boastful Claim She Was Famous Before Singathon

    Afua Asantewaa singathon continues to remain at odds with Ghanaians over her claims, with the latest claim being that she was famous before holding her singathon.

    In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Asantewaa said she was famous before the singathon and met celebrities all the time.

    “First of all, Sing-A-Thon was not for fame because I already had it. I meet celebrities all the time and all those who passed through the Akwaaba Village during my singing marathon were people I encounter often,” she said.

    She added: “I am a journalist and I have interviewed almost all the actors, musicians and celebs who came to show me love at the Akwaaba Village, so it is not like I was seeing them for the first time.

    “Although I will not rule out the fact that Sing-A-Thon made a lot more people know about me, I was famous in my own way”,

    However, her claims have been rubbished by social media users who insist she was a nobody before her singathon.

    “This lady has really shown us now that she is so full of herself and doesnt respect us Ghanaians. So sad to see where she is going with this bigoted attitude,” one netizen said.

    Another added: “I think she’s beginning to talk too much….Nobody knew you Sister…”

    Finally, a netizen said; “Maybe you were famous in your house,”


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