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    FBI Is Watching – Massive Reactions As Aba Dope Shows Off Luxurious Bedroom And Closet

    Ghanaian influencer and socialite Aba Dope has sent people after flaunting her luxurious bedroom.

    Aba Dope has imposed mega pressure on social media users after proving she is living in opulence.

    In a video that has popped up on social media, she woke up on her bougie fur bed and started packing to go and spend some quality time in a resort.

    Everything in her room is expensive, from her bed to her closet and even the decor of the whole place is jaw-dropping!

    Aba’s closet is massive and fully packed with clothes, shoes, perfumes and more.

    The video has sent social media users taking and wondering how Aba Dope is living that big.

    While some people are defending her for legitimately making money from her restaurant business, others are in disbelieve that Aba can afford such a luxurious lifestyle.

    Meanwhile, social media users claim they are not under any sort of pressure from her because that is exactly what Hajia 4 Real and Moesha did and have ended in shame and disgrace.

    Watch the video below;


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