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    “I will no longer kiss in movies” – Ghanaian men jubilate as Prince David Osei announces (VIDEO)

    Popular and controversial Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has finally declared that he will no longer be seen kissing in movies again, a news which has excited most Ghanaian men.

    According to the budding politician, he will no longer participate in kissing scenes in movies.

    During an interview with Nana Romeo in Accra FM, Prince David Osei cited concerns about the prevalence of diseases and the uncertainty surrounding individuals’ oral hygiene as a major reason why he has no desire to do it again.

    “There are a lot of diseases around, and one does not really know what one is doing with his or her mouth or where they have really used their mouths to do,” he said.

    The actor went on to reveal that he sometimes he look at images of colleagues he kissed on screen and wonders about the authenticity of those moments.

    “I sit down and look at the images of my colleagues I kissed and wonder if I indeed kissed all of them in the name of a movie,” he disclosed.

    Check out the video below


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