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    COMSEC Calls on Government to Prioritize Power Backup and Integrated Security System

    COMSEC Technology Solutions' Executive Director, Mr Boaz Alon, has made a call to the Ghanaian government to prioritize the country's backup power and integrated security system. 

    Mr. Alon stressed the importance of focusing on the security and safety of homes, given the significant role that his company has played in reducing theft cases and safety issues among its customers.

    Addressing the media in Accra, Mr. Alon explained that Ghana's energy sector is facing a severe power crisis due to a gap in the power backup industry. Whenever the national grid goes off, businesses and households suffer from power outages, which can have significant economic and social consequences.

    To address this issue, COMSEC Technology Solutions is ready to increase its investment in Ghana's backup power and integrated security systems. The company is poised to provide efficient backup power solutions to ensure that businesses and households remain functional during power outages.

     COMSEC Technology Solutions will also strengthen Ghana's integrated security system by providing advanced technologies such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and access control systems.

    Mr. Alon's call for prioritizing backup power and integrated security systems is crucial, given the recent increase in theft and security challenges in Ghana. By investing in these systems, the government can provide a safer and more reliable environment for businesses and households.

    Ghana's backup power and integrated security systems require urgent attention and investment. COMSEC Technology Solutions says it would play its part in providing efficient and reliable solutions to the energy and security challenges faced by the country.

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