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    Watch how MPs reacted to Queen Elizabeth’s praise of JJ Rawlings in 1999

    On November 8, 1999, the late British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, started a two-day state visit to Ghana.

    Her visit coincided with the end of late Jerry John Rawlings’ tenure as a democratically-elected president of Ghana.

    Rawlings served in two capacities as military Head of State from 1981 to 1991 and then as a democratically-elected president from 1992 to 2001.

    Before heading to Parliament House to deliver an address, enormous crowds gathered on the streets of Accra met Queen Elizabeth II and treated her to a durbar, as many sought to catch a rare glimpse of her.

    While in parliament, Queen Elizabeth II’s message, which touched on fostering democratic rule and governance, was surprisingly met with unexpected laughter and jeers by lawmakers after she mentioned that ‘Rawlings’s tenure was characterized by momentous changes.’

    “Next year, your president, who has led you through these momentous changes, will reach the end of his second term,” Queen Elizabeth II said as lawmakers in parliament jeered with laughter and ‘yeah yeah’ chants.

    From the footage, one could notice how startled the Queen was by the reaction but she managed to continue her speech in parliament.

    “His successor is to be chosen freely and fairly by the people of Ghana,“ Queen Elizabeth added.

    During her two-day visit to Ghana, Queen Elizabeth II met with chiefs and people from all regions in Ghana.

    She also visited a local school in Accra where she was welcomed with a song by the students.

    Watch the video below

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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