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    There’s no power shedding, we won’t release a timetable – ECG

    The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has announced that there will be no need for a load-shedding timetable despite recent power interruptions.

    According to the ECG, the current challenges with power supply in the country do not necessitate the implementation of a load-shedding timetable.

    Laila Abubakar, the External Communications Manager at ECG, clarified that other factors may account for the recent power cuts and that the popular ‘dumsor’ has not resurfaced.

    “The thing is, we just want people to be aware that when your power goes off, it is not always a matter of load shedding. There are several issues and there are some of them that fall before the doorsteps of ECG. We are doing as much as possible to solve the ones that we can.

    “There aren’t any issues with shedding load. The load shed, I think is what people understand by ‘Dumsor’. But usually, when someone asks me if, there is Dumsor, I ask them what do you understand and what do you think ‘Dumsor’ means. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be a timetable.”


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