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    Funny Face launches scathing attack on baby mama again

    Comedian Funny Face has launched a scathing attack on his baby mama, Vanessa Nicole, for not allowing him access to his children.

    According to him, he has been calling her for some time now, but the mother of the children seems to pull them away from him.

    “When I developed a love for the children after all the problems, you were drawing them away from me and that is very worrying. You want me to get depressed again, and that is not what I want,” he said.

    “When the children grow up, they will know that I loved them, but you drew them away from me. They will know that I went to prison and a psychiatric hospital just for your sake. Whatever you and your family tell them about me won’t hold water,” Funny Face added.

    The Comedian indicated that if he is not given access to his children, he will attack their mother and her family to show how serious he is.


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