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    There are Pastors in Ghana who bless same-sex marriage – LGBTQI+ member reveals

    A Ghanaian who belongs to the LGBTQI+ community has revealed that pastors are blessing gay marriages in Ghana.

    He says that if you are interested in marrying someone of the same sex, you will certainly get a man of God to bless your union.

    According to him, the community is a very big one in Ghana and has very influential people as members.

    “There are Pastors who are blessing same-sex marriages in Ghana. I almost got married during the lockdown but because I decided to stop, I didn’t follow through with it I can assure you that there are pastors who are blessing same-sex marriages,” he told Onua Fm in Accra.

    He further indicated that several Ghanaians are in the act saying “Everyone is into homosexuality. Almost 95% of Ghanaians are into the act”.

    The young man who said he started in Senior High School when he slept with his Biology teacher indicated that he has been in a relationship with an Immigration Officer and a Catholic Priest.


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