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    I rejected political party money because I am not selfish- Adjetey Anang

    A well-known Ghanaian actor known for his remarkable accomplishments in the film and entertainment industry, Adjetey Anang has disclosed how he spurned money offered to him by some political parties.

    The actor claims he has the country at heart so he would not let any political party use money to buy his integrity.

    Speaking on Accra-based GhOne Television, the actor revealed how people approached him intending to convince him to join a political party but he refused.

    According to him, this was a perfect opportunity, however, he decided not to let his selfish interest push him into endorsing a political party.

    The actor noted that he has an interest in putting the right people at the helm of affairs and not just putting pigs around the whole.

     “Two people have approached me but I’m not considering just the cash because we have a responsibility as to who we put in the helm of affairs. We need to make sure we put the right people there. So as my eyes are on what do I get out of this, I’m also considering what kind of quality will lead us to the next phase,” he said during the interview.


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