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    Funny Face accident: Victims transported to Winneba for further treatment

    The individuals injured in the accident involving actor Funny Face on Sunday are currently receiving medical care at various healthcare facilities.

    According to Kofi Adjei of Adom News, three of the injured victims have been transferred to the Winneba Trauma and Specialist Hospital, while another is receiving treatment at a local clinic in Nyanyano Kakraba.

    However, the brother of one victim revealed that his sibling is in a coma at the Nyanyano Kakraba community hospital.

    In an interview with Adom News, Isaac Asare, the victim’s brother, explained that initially, his brother was transferred to Ridge Hospital.

    However, due to bed shortages, he was unable to be admitted.

    Consequently, he was redirected to the Police Hospital, where admission was also unavailable.


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