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    NAPO tell Ghanaians to make their own dumsor timetable

    Minister of Energy Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh says those calling for a load-shedding timetable should release one themselves.

    He made these remarks during a media engagement on March 25, 2024, after questions about when a load-shedding timetable would be released following the recent power outages the country has been experiencing.

    NAPO in response, said, “Ask those who want it to bring it, if there is , I haven’t seen any timetable. When you say bring a timetable, what do you mean.

    The ECG says that there is no timetable so why are you asking for a timetable?” he fumed.

    “Dumsor” is a Ghanaian term that describes the frustrating experience of frequent power outages or load shedding. It originates from the combination of two local languages: “dum,” meaning off, and “sɔ,” meaning on. Essentially, it signifies a situation where electricity is intermittently available, causing disruptions in daily life and economic activities.

    The term gained widespread attention in Ghana as a result of significant challenges in the country’s energy sector. These challenges have led to inconsistent electricity supply, causing frequent and prolonged power outages.

    In response to this issuemany Ghanaians, particularly businesses, have urged the power supply company ECG to provide a timetable for power cuts.

    Having a schedule would enable them to better plan their daily activities amidst the uncertainties of power disruptions.


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