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    How did young politicians become filthy rich in the space of 7 years? – Franklin Cudjoe questions

    President of Policy Think Tank, IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has questioned the source of wealth of young politicians.

    He says he is being briefed about the wealth amassed by some young politicians who hitherto coming to power had nothing to their name.

    Franklin Cudjoe is shocked that in the space of seven years, these young politicians have been able to amass so much wealth when the country continues to struggle with its finances.

    He asked whether their wealth was influenced by magic or by Mangling public vaults or merit .

    In a post shared via social media, he said “Getting intelligent briefs. How did so many young politicians who had so little come into so much wealth in 5-7 yrs while multidimensional poverty for millions is worsening?Magic, Merit, or Mangling public vaults?”


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