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    Ex-NDC Executive Goes Hard on Mahama

    The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has a serious need to punish former President John Dramani Mahama for a legacy of anti-party behaviour that has led to the NDC being dumped out of power.

    This is according to former executive of the Tema East constituency branch of the party, Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake.

    “We have been in opposition for 8 years because of one man; and because of this same man, our party is standing a real risk of losing an election that every indicator shows that we ought to win. There is no better reason under the sun to punish this individual,” Moshake said, adding that this individual is none other than John Mahama.

    In an interview in Tema, Moshake explains why he has been on the neck of John Mahama over the NDC’s heavily waned popularity and the party’s 8 year-long destitution in opposition.

    “Let me jolt you to the current position of the NDC; we are the party that used to win eight and a half regions out of ten regions. Today, as we speak, we find it difficult to even win six regions out of sixteen.

    The question is why, and the answer is that in just four years that John Mahama became president from 2012 to 2016, he managed to wipe away all our attractiveness,” Moshake recounted Mr. Mahama’s rotten track record.

     “He is the reason why our party founder was estranged from the party and when Rawlings abandoned his own party, he left with the soul of the NDC.

    Mahama is the one who described himself as a dead goat; now which Ghanaian will allow a goat to rule the country? And if no Ghanaian will vote for a goat, is it a dead one that they will happily elect?” Moshake asked rhetorically.

    He recounted the fact that the former President used his presidency to antagonize Ghanaian workers, suspending employment into the public sector, withdrawing nursing and teacher trainee allowances and failing to pay soldiers their peace keeping allowances on time.

    “Mr. Mahama antagonized the clergy when he associated himself with an American Gay activist, and he even annoyed the youth in the NDC by telling them they cannot be appointed into national security because they don’t have degrees.”
    According to Moshake, “all of these constitute anti-party behaviour contrary to Article 46 of the NDC’s constitution and must therefore be punished.”

    When asked which form the punishment should take, Moshake said Mr. Mahama must be removed from the party’s presidential ticket for 2024.

    “You may think this is drastic but it is not; John Mahama should be made to pay for all the troubles he has brought the NDC in a dramatic way.”

    He also said changing Mahama at this stage is not going to be disadvantageous to the NDC, “because as things stand now, all voters want is anybody, but not John Mahama, in order to vote for the NDC.

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