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    HAG Stakeholders Meeting: Advancing Handball Excellence

    The Ghana Handball  Association on Thursday, April 25 held its stakeholders meeting at the Accra Sports Stadium Media Center.

    The recent stakeholders meeting convened by the Handball Association of Ghana (HAG) highlighted critical areas of focus and initiatives aimed at elevating the standards of handball in the country. With a strong emphasis on professionalism, compliance, and national representation, the discussions underscored the importance of cohesive efforts from all stakeholders involved in the sport.

    One of the primary points addressed during the meeting was the acknowledgment and appreciation extended to all participants, especially those who have remained committed despite challenges such as illegal goods infiltrating the sport. The dedication of referees, coaches, and everyone involved in advancing handball in Ghana was recognized as pivotal in sustaining the sport's growth.

    The HAG leadership emphasized the need for autonomy within the association while also highlighting the importance of aligning activities and decisions with global handball standards. By emphasizing the necessity of adhering to regulations, including registering referees and coaches, HAG aims to enhance the credibility of the sport nationally and internationally.

    A significant focus of the meeting was on improving the quality and recognition of the Ghanaian handball league. The development of a structured league calendar, in consultation with HAG, was stressed as crucial for preparing competitive teams for regional and international championships. This alignment not only strengthens the league but also enhances Ghana's representation on the African handball stage.

    The meeting also addressed player registration and nationality issues, aiming to streamline processes to ensure that national teams comprise eligible and recognized players. The importance of player identification through approved channels, including passports, was reiterated to avoid eligibility controversies and financial penalties.

    Additionally, discussions touched upon reviewing and aligning league formats to meet continental standards, particularly concerning the Club Championship. The intention is to ensure that the Ghanaian handball league structure aligns seamlessly with continental competitions, enhancing the country's competitiveness and standing in African handball.

    In conclusion, the stakeholders meeting facilitated critical dialogues and decisions aimed at fostering professionalism, compliance, and international competitiveness within Ghanaian handball. The collective efforts of all stakeholders, guided by HAG's initiatives and standards, are poised to elevate Ghana's handball profile regionally and globally, ensuring sustained growth and success in the sport.

    HAG donated handball balls and other materials to the Greater Accra Handball Association and clubs ahead of the 2024 season.

    In attendance was the HAG President Mr. Nii Lante Barnaman, GAHA Chairman Rama Kudolo, Some HAG Executives,  Technical Officials, Coaches and players.

    By: Victoria Nana Adwoa Kwofie

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