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    Speaker Bagbin Is an Exceptional Leader - Volta Women

    A group of women in the Volta Region have singled out the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, as an exceptional leader of contemporary Ghana.

    In an interview at Tegbi in the Volta Region, the Volta Women for the Betterment of Ghana (VWBG) said that if the country had just two more personalities like Bagbin, Ghana would be far more along the development curve than it is at the moment.

    “The Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin is a great leader and as a country, we are really blessed to have him heading the second arm of our government,” said Mrs. Eunice Akpaloo of Tegbi.

    Convener of the group, Mrs. Akpaloo who spoke on their behalf said they are guided by a nationalistic outlook.

    According to her, Bagbin’s exceptionalism is showing very bright in the matter of the LGBTQI+ rights.

    “At a time, when the president is talking from both sides of his mouth on gay rights, and the Judiciary is dilly dallying, the Rt. Hon. Bagbin is being a forthright Speaker, leading parliament to resist that foreign imposition.

    “This is what we call exceptional leadership,” she said.

    The statement is coming in the wake of the Judiciary ruling that President Akufo-Addo cannot be compelled to accept the anti-Gay Bill for assent.

    The ruling has since annoyed many Ghanaians who were expecting the Judiciary to compel the President to accept the Bill from Parliament, after Parliament had passed it.

    “By his brave and exceptional stance, Bagbin is going to go down in history as the one leader who clearly took a stance against an attack on our morality when everyone else chickened,” Mrs. Eunice Akpaloo said.

    On behalf of the Volta Women, she also praised Bagbin for stabilizing Ghana’s first hung parliament.

    “The current parliament has all the ingredients to be acrimonious and I remember that after it first became clear that the 8th Parliament was hung, many people became apprehensive that the Legislature will cripple governance,” Mrs. Akpaloo said. 

    “However, this has not been the case because the Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin has been an exceptional leader,” she said.

    Adding her voice, Joyce Afi Kutsianyo, a leading member of the group also praised Bagbin for his heroic group especially praised the Speaker for his defense of Parliament against the executive and the Judiciary.

    “When we talk of the separation of powers, what we mean is exactly what Bagbin is doing – refusing to allow the presidency to bully MPs or allow the Judiciary to have its way with MPs anyhow,” she said.

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