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    New Era in Greater Accra Handball: Prisons and Army Claim Victory Amidst New League Development

    The Prisons Handball Court was the center of action as the 2024 Greater Accra Handball Open Championship witnessed intense competition as Ghana Prisons claimed victory in the men's category, while Ghana Army triumphed in the women's division.

    Chairman Rama Kudolo, speaking to the media post-tournament, highlighted significant developments in the league structure.

    Kudolo acknowledged the historic moment as a civilian team made it to the men's finals for the first time, breaking the dominance of perennial finalists. 

    He announced plans for a new league format, introducing the A and B leagues, aligning with International Handball Federation (IFH) standards for hosting club championships and other major events. The A league, set to showcase top-tier talent, will be hosted at the state-of-the-art Borteyman Sports Complex.

    Emphasizing discipline, Kudolo outlined strict measures against indiscipline within A league teams, including the possibility of relegation. Such measures aim to foster professionalism and accountability within the sport despite financial challenges.

    Kudolo's call for corporate sponsorship and stakeholder support underscores the need for collaborative efforts to uplift and sustain handball in the region.

    The 2024 Greater Accra Handball League will commence on the 16 of May.

    By: Victoria Nana Adwoa Kwofie

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