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    Kwadaso MP refutes allegations of trading Sex for Grades

    The Member of Parliament for Kwadaso, Professor Kingsley Nyarko, has vehemently denied allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him by an individual using the pseudonym Amuse Bouche.

    The accusations, which surfaced on social media, suggest that the MP had solicited sexual favours to change grades while he was a lecturer at the University of Ghana.

    In a statement addressing the allegations, the MP clarified that no such incident ever occurred and does not recall any encounters with a person by the name Amuse Bouche.

    He challenged the accuser to come forward publicly, disclose her identity, and formally report the matter to the university authorities for proper investigation.

    The MP urged the accuser to provide specific details such as the year of the alleged incident, the program pursued, and the courses he taught.

    He also encouraged any other individuals who may have experienced similar encounters with him to come forward and make their claims known.

    Highlighting the seriousness of the allegations, the MP noted that, the University of Ghana has a policy on addressing sexual harassment and urged both the accuser and the university to disclose any previous complaints and their respective resolutions.

    Mr. Nyarko condemned what he perceived as a deliberate attempt to tarnish his reputation.

    He reassured his constituents, family, and supporters of his innocence, stating that the allegation is a blatant lie intended to discredit him.

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