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    Kuami Eugene’s penchant for sampling puts me off – Heavy D

    Music and events executive Heavy D has expressed grave disappointment in Kuami Eugene for constantly using portions of other people’s music to create his songs.

    He spoke on Accra 100.5 FM’s Entertainment Capital with Prince Benjamin (PB).

    “I personally don’t like it,” Heavy D said, explaining: “I don’t hate him as a person.”

    “As an artist, I feel he’s a fantastic singer and performer,” he lauded, bemoaning, however: “It’s just that the sampling puts me off. It’s a bit too much.”

    Heavy D argued that given singer-songwriter and record producer Eugene’s “level” of artistry and standing in the music industry, he must “go back to the drawing board and create more original music”.

    He observed with PB, Kuami Eugene’s current hit, Canopy, interpolates established Christian worship melodies.

    “He’s making hits, yes,” Heavy D allowed, asking, however, “How long can he sustain that?”

    “Longevity-wise. Do you want to be an evergreen artist? Let me hear you write something and perform it,” he challenged. “Stand out, let me see that.”

    PB pushed back citing Kuami Eugene’s Monica as an original composition.

    “I’ve not listened to it. Honestly, for some time now, I really haven’t paid attention.”

    Doubling down on his point, however, he noted: “He’s that good, his vocals are that good, and he’s been backed by many great people [and brands] like Lynx – they are all people I respect, but it’s just my opinion” he must change the narrative and create more original hits.

    Heavy D clarified: “I like him as a person,” though.


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