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    Ghanaians Will Punish Mahama for Disrespecting Them - Tema MCE

    The Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, Yohane Amarh Ashitey, has adlibbed an observation that former President John Mahama does not respect Ghanaians, saying because of this disposition of the former President, Ghanaians will punish him.

    In a recent post on social media, the MCE said the punishment will happen during the 2024 elections and that Ghanaians will do it in such a way that the former President will really feel the vengeance of the people in his bones.

    “The people will go to the next polls and that is when Mr. John Mahama will see clearly for himself that the Ghanaian people are not naïve and gullible, the Tema MCE wrote.

    According to him, the punishment will be by way of votes and this time the people whose lives Mr. John Mahama toyed with when he was President will show him utter rejection.

    “for all the insulting actions and inactions of John Mahama, Ghanaians will once and for all, retire him with resounding votes of rejection,” Yohane Amarh Ashitey wrote.

    The MCE’s forecast is in reaction to a recent accusation by Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake, a former executive of Tema East NDC, who said that Mr. John Mahama does not respect the Ghanaian people.

    According to Moshake, one of the clearest indication that Mahama does not respect Ghanaians is his recent public comments around ex-gratia, including his claim that he has not been receiving it even though he has been receiving same since 2017 when he left office.

    Moshake also said the former President’s vow to scrap ex-gratia if he is re-elected amounted to an insult on the intelligence of the Ghanaian people.

    “Everybody knows that John Mahama’s promise to do away with ex-gratia is borne out of desperation. However, the fact that he has actually been able to make that promise shows that the man really believes we are not intelligent.”  Moshake had said.

    Agreeing, the Tema MCE wrote that the former President only managed to shoot himself in the foot with that ex-gratia misadventure.

    “Mr. John Mahama tried to score cheap political points with that populist promise, but what he ended up doing was selling himself short as a dishonest politician. 

    “Like someone has already asked, why did it take him eight whole years, within which time he was enjoying ex-gratia, to come to the realization that ex-gratia is not good?

    “He is desperate for votes and so he is making desperate promises and in doing so, he has shown his disrespect for the intelligence of the Ghanaian people. John Mahama’s dead goat comment against Ghanaians is an insult and could have been avoided using tact and diplomacy. Infact, insulting Ghanaians is not intelligence”. Yohane Amarh Ashitey wrote. 

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