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    Meek Mill’s video at Jubilee House major security breach – Adam Bonaa

    A security analyst, Dr. Adam Bonaa, says American rapper, Meek Mill’s music video at Ghana’s seat of government, the Jubilee House, constitutes a major security breach.

    A teaser of the music video released by the American rapper saw him move around the Jubilee House with his crew from the frontage to the conference hall and other seating areas.
    There has been public angst after Meek Mill released portions of the video via Instagram reel.

    The rapper was later seen standing in front of the lectern mostly used by the President during his addresses.

    Commenting on the matter on the Morning Starr with Naa Dedei Tettey on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, Dr. Bonaa indicated that under no circumstance should the security at the Presidency have allowed the rapper to do what he did.

    “When I saw the video what came to mind first is that this is a major security breach. I saw it as a major security breach without asking any questions because the seat of government on paper is where the President and his family are supposed to reside.

    “On paper, it is where the President, Vice President by and large, and his cabinet, if you check the Constitution are supposed to usually have their meetings. So it is a premise that is highly protected, it is supposed to be the most protected facility in this country,” Mr. Bonaa stated.

    He continued: “If the Jubilee House is not protected then it is not protected adequately and no other property in this country will be protected adequately. The Burma Camp and the office of the CDS, the IGP’s office, the Ministry of Defense, the Interior Ministry, National Security you can name them cannot be protected adequately. None of them can be protected adequately if the Jubilee House which houses the President and others is not protected.”

    However, the American rapper has apologized for his controversial music video shot at the Jubilee House.

    In a tweet on Monday, the singer explained he only meant to project art with the video shoot and not his intention to disrespect Ghanaians.

    Meek Mill on the back of the public backlash has also deleted the said music video from his Instagram page.

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