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    Teacher unions accuse govt of failing to settle GHC400 million Tier 2 despite deductions

    The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the National Association of Graduate Teachers, the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, and the Tertiary Educational Workers Union (TEWU) have accused the government of failing to pay their members’ Tier 2 contributions.

    According to the unions, the government, despite effecting deductions of over GHC400 million from its members, has failed to pay the amount to the Ghana Education Service (GES) Occupational Pension Scheme (Tier 2) of its members.

    “We have written several letters to the regulator, that they should ensure that the employer pays the contributions as soon as it’s deducted. Unfortunately, the regulator appears helpless, that is why we have to quickly issue this statement.

    “If the regulator is failing to do its work, then as a first step, we are saying their allowances or fees due them must also not be paid. If they are not being paid their fee, then I think they will be compelled to tell government to pay the ordinary employee their due pensions,” the General Secretary of TEWU, Mark Dankyira Korankye is quoted in a report by Citinewsroom.com.

    The teacher unions say the government has since March 2022 failed to make any further contributions to its members despite the members being deducted at the end of every month.

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