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    I was admonishing Senyo Hosi on his emotions, not bondholders – John Kumah

    The Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. John Kumah has explained that his good counsel to his close pal and former schoolmate, Senyo Hosi to refrain from arguing emotionally about government’s proposals to see its Domestic Debt Exchange Programme through, was a personal one to him.

    It was never directed at domestic bondholders but to his friend, Senyo Hosi, he reiterated as he clarified his comment following a publication of the encounter by Myjoyonline.com with a headline that misconstrued his plea as one to domestic bondholders.

    “No, the story itself captured me correctly as addressing my personal friend, Senyo, with whom we go way back. The challenge was with the headline that said to bondholders. No, it was not to all bondholders, I was specific about Senyo. The headline made it seem I’m insensitive to the plight of bondholders. That is far from the truth,” John Kumah told Myjoyonline.com.

    His plea for a dispassionate discussion followed what he said were scathing remarks by Senyo Hosi, Convener of the Individual Bondholders Forum.

    “It becomes very difficult to engage in public discussions on emotional topics like the debt exchange programme. But I am particularly disappointed in my brother Senyo Hosi because we go way back and I didn’t expect this contribution from him. For him to attack me and call me dishonest and miseducating the public.

    “It is very unfortunate for him to come being emotional and talking politics rather than the issues we’re discussing.

    “I am a politician and I can go very political but that is not why we are here, we are trying to encourage people to understand what is going on and what is best for everybody,” John Kumah had said.

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