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    Comparing NDC to NPP is like comparing Abronye FC to Kotoko – Obiri Boahen

    Former Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic PartyNana Obiri Boahen, has stated that the NPP is better at the management of the Ghanaian economy than the NDC because the latter is no match for the NPP when the topic of economic management is mentioned.

    According to him, the track record of the party is there for all to see and hence he remains shocked that the NDC would want to compare their achievements to that of the NPP. He added that NPP has launched more development initiatives than the NDC did while in power.

    Speaking in an interview with Wontumi TV, Nana Obiri Boahene argued that the NPP administration has done better in economic performance, by introducing a number of initiatives to support the economic well-being of the citizens to ensure that all the key economic indicators point to a positive direction.

    “You see, NPP we must accept the fact, if we’re supposed to speak the truth, we’re ahead of the NDC in so many ways. Just recently the vehicles that president Nana Addo donated to the Ghana Armed Force, over 175 cars. This has never happened in the history of Ghana.
    “For a sitting president to donate such items at a go. And this is a big plus for the NPP as a party.

    “But how do we tell Ghanaians about such implementations? We don’t communicate well with them. When they get the opportunity then they attack Asiedu Nketiah, Sammy Gyamfi and co which is not important. Because no matter what the NDC will do, they can never match up to the NPP. It is like comparing Abronye FC to Kotoko or Fatrikosei FC to Hearts of Oak. It is not possible,” he further said.

    Nana Obiri Boahen added that instead of criticizing the NDC, NPP communicators should concentrate on explaining the initiatives and implementations of the NPP government to Ghanaians.

    Watch the interview below (from 35:20).



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