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    NPP, all those who campaigned for them must apologise to Ghanaians – Jantuah

    Ghanaians deserve an unqualified apology from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and all those who championed its cause for power, as the current administration lacks integrity, former appointee of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) PV Dadson Boateng Jantuah has said.

    He believes all critical issues that the NPP should have shown leadership have all been messed up, letting down the trust reposed in them.

    Speaking on EIB Networks English platform Ultimate FM, monitored by MyNewsGh.com Mr. Jantuah accused the NPP of running a government structure that does not inure to the benefit of the masses but the few upper-class in the country all NPP stuck.

    “So, all that is happening now, is that what the NPP promised Ghanaians? Mismanagement, arrogance, lack of respect? This party has no shame, just imagine and they hand the nerve to call the NDC incompetent. The NPP has no integrity, the government has no integrity, they should be apologizing to Ghananins now and not being arrogant and empty”

    “All those who championed the NPP’s cause have all seen the disgrace now, I think they ought to apologize to us all, this party is just a mistake” he retorted.


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